Monthly Archives: May 2011

The customer’s not always right. Part 1


Recently we were tasked with a logo for a special hospital program. It’s a very noble ministry called “No One Dies Alone”. Basically for people that may not have friends or family to visit them in what are the last days of their lives. Jen and I discussed the parameters. They had a small budget...

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Oh crap! Did I just click send!!!????

Have you ever composed an email only to send it to the wrong person? Writing a detailed description of your bachelor party in Tijuana, only to have it sent to your mother?   Well, I did something like that, maybe not as sordid, but instead of sending it to my mom, I sent it to...

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I started doing business as a graphic designer in 1979. The photo above is me at my drawing table around that time. However, Willis Design Studios did not always carry that moniker. In the beginning it was called…wait for it… Rainbow Graphics. The hippies claimed the rainbow as one of their symbols long before the...

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My First Blog Post

OK- here’s the deal on blogging. Blogging is like jogging, except with a “B”. I haven’t written anything of significance since High School- 1978. And as with jogging, I’m a little out of shape- I’m feeling winded after only 3 sentences. My lead designer, Jennifer Williams, has been after me to start a Blog. She’s...

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