Monthly Archives: June 2011

Don’t make a Facebook Faux pas

When you were new to Facebook you were the equivalent of a village idiot drunk on sangria. Posting photos and observations with wild abandon. You took up virtual farming, with Facebook’s inane game, Farmville. You didn’t know, or didn’t care about the consequences of your actions. Have you ever seen or participated in the likes...

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What you need to know about mission statements

How important is your mission statement? It’s not. There, shortest blog ever! In most of my meetings with clients looking to do a website, inevitably, their mission statement comes up. They’ll say “We definitely want our Mission Statement on our homepage.”‘ Are you kidding me? Who invented this stupid waste of time? A mission statement...

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Who is Don Ambriz? And why you should care.

In the early days- pre-1970s, graphic design in Bakersfield consisted of going to the printer, writing down your info, picking a horrible looking piece of clip art that best represented your company and getting cards printed. No real design process involved. Then along came a guy with a weird neck beard and opened one of...

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