Monthly Archives: August 2011

When the client’s design vision isn’t 20/20

There are times we, as designers, must gently push a client in the right direction in regards to their design. There are other times when we might shove. And then there are other times when we simply raise the white flag. The profile in today’s blog took some gentle pushing, but resulted in a really...

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Graphic Design vs Science Fairs

My daughter, Sophia, is preparing to go away to college this year. She’ll be attending Chico State. In preparation for that move, we’re having her dismantle her room. Her bedroom looks like a scene from Hoarders. The order to “clean her room” just meant, “shove everything under you bed or in your closet”. Rarely was...

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Client profile: lengthwise brewery & restaurant

Most people probably think of Lengthwise as the place that brought fresh brewed beer to Bakersfield. Probably because those same people¬† forgot or never visited Bootlegger’s restaurant when it was open. Ralph¬†Fruguglietti (owner of Frugatti’s) opened Bootleggers restaurant in the Ice House, just north of the Garces Circle off Chester Avenue, around 1994. It’s big...

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