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Design from the future seeks our help!

Design from the future

Spacetron called yesterday. Yeah, you heard right, Spacetron. They were calling from the future… apparently. Actually, Eric at Net Connection landed this client and contracted us for a makeover. I laughed a little when I heard the name. I didn’t mean to. Just a little giggle. I wondered if they wear “futuristic” hard hats and...

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back in my day: cut & paste VS paste up

Grumpy Old Man

Rapidograph, steel rule, xacto knife, blue pencils, t-square, vemco, rub-off type, kroy machine, triangle, french curve. They sound like the name of cheesy garage bands, but they were the tools of my trade. They were primitive and crude design tools, and to quote Dana Carvey’s grumpy old man, “We liked it that way!” Nowadays clients...

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