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Design from the future seeks our help!

Design from the future

Spacetron called yesterday. Yeah, you heard right, Spacetron. They were calling from the future… apparently. Actually, Eric at Net Connection landed this client and contracted us for a makeover. I laughed a little when I heard the name. I didn’t mean to. Just a little giggle. I wondered if they wear “futuristic” hard hats and...

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When the client’s design vision isn’t 20/20

There are times we, as designers, must gently push a client in the right direction in regards to their design. There are other times when we might shove. And then there are other times when we simply raise the white flag. The profile in today’s blog took some gentle pushing, but resulted in a really...

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back in my day: cut & paste VS paste up

Grumpy Old Man

Rapidograph, steel rule, xacto knife, blue pencils, t-square, vemco, rub-off type, kroy machine, triangle, french curve. They sound like the name of cheesy garage bands, but they were the tools of my trade. They were primitive and crude design tools, and to quote Dana Carvey’s grumpy old man, “We liked it that way!” Nowadays clients...

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What you need to know about mission statements

How important is your mission statement? It’s not. There, shortest blog ever! In most of my meetings with clients looking to do a website, inevitably, their mission statement comes up. They’ll say “We definitely want our Mission Statement on our homepage.”‘ Are you kidding me? Who invented this stupid waste of time? A mission statement...

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The customer’s not always right. Part 1


Recently we were tasked with a logo for a special hospital program. It’s a very noble ministry called “No One Dies Alone”. Basically for people that may not have friends or family to visit them in what are the last days of their lives. Jen and I discussed the parameters. They had a small budget...

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I started doing business as a graphic designer in 1979. The photo above is me at my drawing table around that time. However, Willis Design Studios did not always carry that moniker. In the beginning it was called…wait for it… Rainbow Graphics. The hippies claimed the rainbow as one of their symbols long before the...

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